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SumUp payment card acceptance terminals

In cooperation with SumUp Payments Limited, Smart Pay starts offering SumUp card payment terminals. SumUp has showed themselves as easy-to-use, practical and excellent terminals for all types of business segments who needs to accept card payments.

You will agree that nowadays neither a merchant or service provider can afford not to accept card payments - these are directly lost customers, unearned money, unsold goods or services. There is only less cash in customers' wallets and they want to visit ATMs rarely, so SumUp will be an indispensable assistant for pleasant customer service.

SumUp Solo Smart Pay card reader payment acceptance revolut paypal paysera
SumUp Solo card reader

With SumUp everything is simple - you buy one of the SumUp card readers once, register your account and that's it, start accepting payments. You will no longer have any monthly subscription or rental fees. Only the commission deducted from the customer's purchase.

We, Smart Pay team, will help you in every matter, starting with consultation, connection of terminals, free delivery and also certainly with warranty cases, if they occur.

Smart Pay SumUp Air card reader payment card acceptance contactless payments
SumUp Air card reader

Be sure that SumUp has the highest security standards and solutions, it is our priority, so all your funds or data will always be safe with guaranteed liability.

Already more than 4 million entrepreneurs use SumUp as their terminal for accepting card payments worldwide, it is an indispensable assistant in everyday business and work.

How it works?

1. Purchase a payment terminal

Choose and order your card reader and receive it within 2 working days.

2. Activate your payment terminal

Download bank mobile app and register for free.

3. Start accepting payments

As soon as you have connected your payment terminal to your bank account, you can start accepting payments immediately.

and we will find for You the best solution. 


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